Eye Catching Colors

We all realize that the birch, ash, and aspen trees can produce some of the most beautiful shades of yellow and gold during the autumn season, but so often in our area we seem to lack in the colors of orange and red. When we see these hues in the landscape, we tend to be drawn to their warm, fiery displays. If you are looking to add some of these warm colors to your landscape, try the orange hues of the Sugar Maple, the red heat of the Autumn Blaze Maple, or the mixed brilliance of orange, red and burgundy that can be created through the Amur Maples. If you are seeking some shrubs with similar warm glows, try the Cottoneaster, Smooth or Staghorn Sumac, the Tiger Eye Sumac, Ruby Carousel Barberry, or the Burning Bush. These will all add some variety and color into your autumn landscape, plus add texture during the other seasons of the year with their unique characteristics. You will find that these colors with create a new and dynamic element to your gardens. Enjoy the warmth of the season while you can, you never know when the winter season will appear in the northern region. Today may be calling for warm temperatures, however tomorrow night could already present our first chance of snow for the season.