Fall Season Snows

Well, it seems the winter season will make a brief appearance in our region over the next few days. Like they say in the North, if you don’t like today’s weather, give it a day and it could be completely different. But an early snowfall is not all so bad, especailly since we have received so little moisture over the past few months. The best time to get some moisture is in the fall season to replenish the supplies in our soils before the ground freezes up. I always use to cringe at the thought of snow too early, but a light dusting in the fall seems to feel more refreshing to me than cold. Maybe it is because I know it won’t last for any period of time….at least for a few more months. Either way, I wait in anticipation to see the first flakes and enjoy them for what they are, just rain in a different form. If nothing else, maybe it will lessen the fire danger we have been in for quite some time. Snow tonight??? Might be in the 80s again in a few weeks….it is very possible!