Thirsty Thursday

I awoke this morning to a light dusting of wet snow sticking to the ground. Not that I am fond of snow this early in the season, but as dry as it has been this past year, I will welcome its arrival. The sound of the moisture dripping from the trees was refreshing to my soul as I could almost hear the ground drinking it all in. The recent covering of leaves in the garden will provide good protection so the soil does not dry out as quickly once the sun appears again. In the northern portion of the state, there is quite a bit more wet snow falling, hopefully the leaves have fallen from the trees to prevent breakage from the weight of the heavy snow. This is always a downfall of an early fall or later spring snow system. As we know, the weather is going to do its thing regardless of wishes, forecasts and trends. It has a mind of its own and we have to accept it for what it is. Enjoy the benefits that this snow is bringing to the state as it will also lessen the event of grass fires throughout the region. Over all, this has been a much needed blessing and hopefully there will be more on the way.