Autumn Weekends

Sometimes I think I live for the weekends! There is nothing better than being able to sleep in during the morning hours and to wake up completely refreshed and energized to start a new day. Even on a cool autumn day, it is very enjoyable to be outdoors and being busy in the yard. The frost may have halted everything from growing at this point, but the prep work for winter begins. The emptying of containers and cleaning them out, pulling the pumps from the ponds and fountains, raking the leaves from the lawns and dumping them into the compost pile or onto your garden beds. These are all things that need to be done before the snow flies. It may seem off in the distance right now, but before we know it, winter will enter the scene and we will all be in it for the long haul. My garden beds will be very comfortable this winter as I have already deposited nearly two dozen bags of leaves on them and I am only half way finished. The leaves are one of the best forms of cover and compost you can use on your gardens as they are all natural and break down quickly. I rarely remove them from my garden in the spring time and by mid summer, you would not even know they were once there. The earthworms quickly move them into the ground to enrich the soil beneath and feed the plants root systems with many essential nutrients. After years of this practice, the garden soils have become very fertile and rich. Never throw away one of nature’s free oraganic materials if you can use them in the yard as they sure beat any chemical you might add to the soil as fertilizer. Unlike most chemicals additives, organic medium will never add  salt into your soil. Take advantage of this great material while you can before it is gone for the season, after all it is free!