Pine Needles

It is that time of year when I get many questions from people about their pine trees turning yellow and if they should be worried about them. The truth is, pine trees only hold needles that are from three to five years old, then they tend to drop. Each year this is a normal process in the fall when the interior of the tree gets many yellow needles that shed to the ground within a month’s time. This is very typical of scotch, ponderosa, austrian, and white pines. This is NOT typical of any of the spruce varieties. There is one other tree that gets yellow needles in the fall time and that is the European and Siberian Larch trees. They are one of the few deciduous evergreens that drop their needles in the fall and replace them when spring arrives again with soft, lime green needles.

If you are seeing this yellowing in the interior portions of your pine trees, rest assured that this is a normal process and the shedding in some years are justĀ heavier than others when the needles are dropping.