Fall Birding

This weekend has been wonderful to be outdoors and doing things as it is sunny and wrm. I found myself almost getting lazy in the yard as there were so many birds out and about and doing their thing. It is getting into the migration season and there are so many different types passing through the area. The sounds and sights keep my senses occupied for many hours. I eventually put the yard work away and sat down with the dogs just to watch the activity.

Cedar Waxwings, Robins, Chickadees, numerous woodpeckers, ducks, geese, various sparrows, nuthatches, warblers, and wrens are just a few of the birds I have seen in the yard. The birdbath is still fresh and they continue to bath themselves in the clear water as it is a much better option over the river water only yards away. They seem to enjoy this comfortable amenity and I will keep it going until the daytime temps sit below freezing.

The bird feeders and food has re-entered the picture also as I would like them to be as healthy and well as they can before taking the migration journey. It may seem like a small thing to many, but to the birds who are on the go, it is a vital staple to survive.

These items are also very valueable for the ones that stay behind as they have a long cold witner ahead of them to make it through. This nutrition may be the only food source they will be able to find in the event we get heavy snow cover during the season. Make it easy for these great creatures and help them along a bit with some basic staples. Enjoy the day and go sit for an hour or two and watch how they are also enjoying the day! It won’t be long before we are shut indoors again because the days will not be quite as enjoyable to sit in the yard and relax.