A Cool Breeze

Well, my predictions for the weather this weekend were correct, a great deal of hype with nothing that came of it. The strom I got all excited about disappeared into the sunset with nothing more than a little rain and a dusting of snow in our area, but the lucky ones up north got what I had wanted. But one thing was correct, the weather got colder.

Last night I was outside for a spell with the dogs and the wind was blowing stronger than it had all weekend with another snow shower. It nearly felt like a storm, but it was the biting winds that caught my attention the most. The weather forecast was talking about the first cold wind chills of the season, some were already reporting nearly 15 degrees below zero for a chill. That threw a little winter reality at me quickly.

Winter in North Dakota is not necessarily known for its heavy snows, but it is famous for the dangerous wind chills that are created often with our frequented breezes in the area. It keeps the hardy ones tough and forces the wimpy ones to flee. 

Remember as the winter season progresses to dress warm when heading outdoors and to always have an winter survival kit in your car should you ever become stranded on the road. You may not encounter a problem, but if you do it is always nice to be prepared.  Stay safe and keep warm!