The Greens of Winter are Arriving

I just saw my first semi of Christmas trees go down the highway. This is just another sign of the holidays soon coming. Last week I noticed many towns and cities putting up their community Christmas trees and decorating their downtown streetlights with adorments.

This past week we also had some snow and a taste of colder weather. In the coming week we have milder temperatures on the way and it will be the perfect opportunity to get outdoors and begin or finish the holiday decorating. Whether you are one of those people that just hang a few lights on the eaves of the house or those that go all out and frost the entire outdoors with enough lights to juice the town, this is the perfect time to get it done.

If you wait another week, you may encounter much colder temperatures again and soon there will just be no more time available to do these tasks as so mnay other things will beging to demand our time.

Get ahead of the game and decorate your home with the colors of your choice without the discomfort of adverse weather. When the next snows fly, you will be very glad you completed these chores early. Enjoy your weekend!