A Rumbling Memory

As I was walking to work this morning, I had to stop and wait for a train to go by. It is so nice to have a quiet zone in town just as so many other towns in the state are adopting the same practice. Not only is it a quiet existence, but it is pleasant to endure now.

Before the quiet zone was in effect, I use to shutter at the loud and long horn sounds through town, they were deafening to say the least and could be heard from miles away. Now the trains seems to gracefully pass by with a mild and mesmerizing sound.

As I waited for it to pass, it brought back memories of riding the raises through Europe. The clinking of the rails and the sound of the rocking train brought a smile to my face as I could almost feel myself riding them once again.

Sometimes we look at many annoyances around us with no other recourse to focus on other than the negative. When the situation changes at some level, we can look at things in a completely different light. In fact, some of the things around us are connected to many memories of our past and can only enhance our day when they come rushing back.

For me it was a great way to start the day by bringing out great memories of past travels!