The Holiday Season is Here!

The Thanksgiving holiday was an enjoyable one and went by very quickly. Always seems that time spent with the family goes by fast. Even made it through the shopping frenzy without spending a dime, guess the time has come where I don’t need to get anything and what I get others does not necessarily come from an event where people push and shove to get their material goods.

I like to select gifts for people that are of the living variety. There are many unique things to choose from during the holidays. Fresh cut flowers will always put a smile on someone’s face, especially if they are mixed with freash Christmas greens. Roses are nice and can last from 5-7 days, but snow flake daisies and mums are very long lasting and provide a wintry effect, yet still soft to teh senses.

Plants are also a wonderful way of telling someone you care and are thinking of them during the holidays. Poinsettiias are one of my favorite and you can’t beat the glorious shades of red, pink and white. They are long lasting adn can be kept from year to year with the right touch.

Christmas cactuses are another plant that are great when they are blooming. They come in shades of white, pink, red, orange and yellow. A healthy plant will produce dozens of blooms and the plants are fairly easy to continue growing from year to year. Setting them in a room where they only receive the natural daylight will always force them into bloom each and every year around Christmas or New Years.

Amaryllis bulbs are another great item for the season. Each year it seems they come out with new and exciting colors. Often times you can buy these bulbs in a kit and plant them yourself. Once planted, you can enjoy their growing progress until the bud stems open into huge blooms of different colors. In a cool setting, these blooms can last for many days.

All of these plants are easy to grow and very inexpensive to purchase, however when you gift them to others, they will make an enormous impact in so many ways.

Try to get back to the basics this Christmas season and spend less while including simple items for the ones you love. A gift of a living plant or flowers will always go a long ways in someone’s home. Be a part of the love and art of giving by sharing something that is alive and beautiful, you will feel very glad you did.