Keep Christmas Fresh

With the Christmas season in full swing, people are beginning to select their Christmas trees to celebrate the season. When making your selections, always make sure you are choosing a tree that is fresh and not too dry. One never wants to deal with a house fire in the event their tree is a fire hazard.

When finding the tree that you like in the available sales lots, take a look inside the tree for numerous dry needles. If there are quite a few, go to the next tree. Pines will have some in their interior due to their natural cycle of needle shedding, but spruce and fir trees will not have this same cycle.

For long needle pines such as White and Scotch, bend the needles to see if they are flexible. If they are brittle and snap, the tree is already too try for purchase. For short needle selections such as Balsam, Frasier, and Spruce, take the tree and tap the base to the pavement to see how many needles fall off….if there is considerable shedding, go to a more fresh tree. You can also bend the branches to see how flexible they remain, if they snap, this is also a bad sign.

If you are selecting your tree during sub zero temperatures, the branches may actually be frozen and snap when trying to bend…this would not dictate that the tree is dry, so be aware of the conditions around you.

Once the tree has been selected and purchased, take it home and immediately cut of 8-12″ from the base of the truck and place it in warm water, but not hot. A fresh tree will go through many gallons of water within the first week. If it is not taking up water, try adding asprin to the water or a little seltzer water to encourage the tree to draw water.

Always keep your tree watering during the time that it is up in your home and never allow the water recepticle to go dry. A happy, healthy tree will only enhance your holiday season and encourage a heavenly scent from the needles. If your tree should ever dry out while in the home and it is no longer taking in water, take it down and remove it to avoid potential dangers.

Enjoy the holiday season and have fun when selecting your tree!