The Red of December

During this time of year I love seeing the color of red in the scenery. Not the red of anger, but the red of the holidays. Whether it is red bows hanging from a wreath or tree, red berries placed in floral arrangements or in outdoor decorations, red lights glowing from within the home to cast a warm spell or a fleeting cardinal standing out among the bare branches of the trees. These are all items that draw my attention and make me feel a sense of calmness and peace.

Usually red is seen as a sign of warning or is symbolic of anger. But in contrast during this season, I find it has a completely opposite effect and it is very soothing.

When you are feeling red this season, I am hoping it is due to s sense of peace and harmony and not caused by the crowds in the shopping centers. Enjoy the colors of the season and let them take you away to the feeling of what Christmas is truly all about.